Inspirational bedroom style ideas from Dreams

Inspirational bedroom style ideas from Dreams

20th July 2018

What does the new year have in store for us? 2018 is set to be a fabulous year in terms of bedroom décor trends. We’ve compiled our favourites, so can you stay ahead of the curve and have your bedroom looking like something out of a magazine.

Goodbye Scandi, hello Modern Luxe

In recent years, we’ve welcomed all things Scandi style into our bedrooms, whether that’s taking a more minimalist approach, or using lighter woods like pine for our furniture. 2018 will see a revival of retro glamour in our bedroom furniture. This trend has been ticking over in the background for some time, but this year it’s ready to be noticed. If you’re feeling bold, our Moore bed frame teamed with navy walls fit this trend beautifully.

If you’re not ready for a bold bed frame, why not add our Calvert bedside chest to your room? Its beautiful walnut finish, teamed with copper detailing, makes this piece a favourite for bedroom decoration in 2018.


Just a hint of metallic goodness

2017 saw the rise of copper and rose gold details in just about every room of our homes. While this will stay very popular, this year we’ll see more brass being used. The sophisticated finish of brass is accentuated against colours like soft pinks and emerald greens. Our Jackson bed frame is a prime of example of brass being used with soft emeralds, something that will be extremely prevalent this year.

Unashamedly luxe velvet

There’s a hint of luxuriousness in the air this year. Arguably there’s nothing more luxe than sumptuous velvet. The Macgill bed frame is finished in ravishing red velvet. It adds a beautiful bright pop of colour, exudes luxury, and commands attention in any bedroom. If you’d rather give a gentle nod to velvet, try adding velvet cushions or a throw to your bed, giving your bedroom extra texture and cosiness.