Book signing with Peter Laws - Saturday 29th February

Book signing with Peter Laws - Saturday 29th February

26th February 2020

Possessed author Peter Laws will be at Waterstones from 12pm to 2pm on Saturday 29th February.

Possessed is the fourth in the Matt Hunter series: When an unidentified and blood-soaked man is discovered with the name Baal-Berith scored into his flesh, Professor Matt Hunter is called in by the bewildered local police. As an atheist ex-minister and expert on religion, Matt can shed light on the ancient Canaanite demon known as the spirit of blasphemy and murder, but as he's drawn into a frenzied murder investigation, a fury of media interest and a TV show documenting a mass exorcism, the situation follows a much murkier path. Striving to provide balance to the show's increasingly sensational tone and rational support for the vulnerable 'clients', Matt cannot leave, even as events get seriously out of hand...

Come down this weekend to get your signed copy and meet the man himself, it's free!