What to expect from Riverside from Monday 15th June

12th June 2020

What to expect from Riverside from Monday 15th June 

We are excited to be welcoming back customers to Riverside Shopping Centre after being closed for the past two months.🎉

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement that all non-essential retail can re-open on 15th June, meant that stores including Next, Debenhams, H&M and Topshop can open their doors to customers in a matter of weeks. Across the centre we have taken further steps to reassure customers that they can expect a safe environment when they visit Riverside.

Signage is being installed to help guide you following social distancing guidelines and also the safe use of areas such as car park machines. This includes posters, floor stickers, one-way walking systems and signs at frequently used touch points will make sure the precautions which have been put in place are clear.

 As well as signage in the centre, updated cleaning procedures, customer safety, queue requirements and retailer restrictions will be communicated to customers on the centre’s website and social media pages. Hemel Hempstead as a town are working together to produce clear guidelines for all shoppers. A keep to the right one-way system will operate across the town with cross over areas introduced.Riverside Shopping Centre

While ‘eating in’ is not allowed under government restrictions, Pizza Express, Starbucks and Sprinkles Gelato are preparing to operate collection and delivery services in the coming weeks, while awaiting further guidance on customers eating at outdoor seating areas and within the restaurants. 




Will the Amazon Locker be open for use?

Yes these will still be available for use and are cleaned hourly as part of our enhanced cleaning measures.


Have staff been specially trained to manage this new way of shopping?

Yes, all staff have been through specific guidance/training to carry out their duties in the new way of working.


Can I wear a face mask/face covering?

Yes, all our visitors are welcome to wear face coverings however this is not compulsory


Where can I find hand sanitiser? 

There are hand sanitiser stations by each set of pay machines


What are you doing to protect your car park users?

We have an enhanced cleaning regime in place where all touch points are cleaned hourly. Contactless payment is available at all pay machines and, at exits if you do not wish to queue for a machine.  If our staff have to deal with cash they will sanitise their hands before handling the cash and will pass it to you whilst maintaining social distance wherever possible, eg by placing the money on top of a machine or on your vehicle. 


What are you doing to protect your customers?

We are continually reviewing what and how we do things, the health and wellbeing of our customers, employees and retailers is paramount. We are following government guidance with an enhanced cleaning regime on all frequently touched surfaces, the introduction of physical distancing signage, we are asking people to keep left as they move through the centre, and hand sanitiser is available in a number of locations 


How do I know which retailers will be open before I visit my local centre?

This will be updated Monday morning.


Can I bring my children shopping with me?

 Government guidance recommends shopping alone where possible. However, we understand that this is not always possible with families, however we do ask that you ensure that your children are comply with the social distancing guidelines.  


What are you doing to protect your staff?

Our staff have been issued with PPE such as gloves, masks, visors.Their welfare facilities are cleaned more frequently and they maintaining social distancing at all times. They are asked not to attend work if they are showing symptoms.  


Why are all the shops not open?

Different shops fall into different categories based on the service they provide, and therefore their ability to reopen may be impacted under the government guidelines. Following government approval, it is the retailer’s prerogative when they wish to open. 


Why aren’t all the cafes/restaurants open?

Under current government guidelines our cafes and restaurants are only allowed to open for takeaway ONLY. As such not all have decided to open at this time, however as the guidance changes more will re-open. As with retailers restaurants will not be able to open immediately and it will take some longer than others to get the procedures in place to enable them to open. Those that are open will have limited capacities due to social distancing measures in place for staff. 


When will the Anytime Fitness be opening?

At present neither of these leisure facilities are open due to social distancing requirements. When this changes we will update our social media platforms to inform our customers.


Why is there a limit to the queue numbers outside certain shops in the centre?

 Each store has their own capacity based on the size of their unit and how their company have implemented this. This is for the safety of all shoppers, to aid in a safe customer flow throughout stores whilst adhering to Social/physical distancing guidelines. 


Why are the kiddie car rides/photo booths still  available

?These are being cleaned hourly as part of our enhanced cleaning measures. We trust that our customers will comply with social distancing requirements whilst using them.If they become an issue we will review this. 


Are your public toilets open?

 At the moment our public toilets re open on demand. If you need to used them please call 01784 493300 and a member of staff will come and open them up. As footfall increases over the next few weeks we will review this. 


Why are you not taking people’s temperature?

 Temperature checking is not currently required under UK guidelines for shoppers.